Enjoying the Holidays from Home

Given the option between staying at home to watch fireworks from my neighbors and eating with my family and friends or going out to some extravagant fireworks show two hours drive away, I’ll always (and I mean always) choose the former option.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t like the obligation to drive awhile somewhere to watch fireworks. Perhaps it’s because I can’t drink on the way to make a day out of partying with my friends since we’d have to drive. Perhaps it’s because I love the comfort of my back deck and don’t need to head anywhere else.

Whatever the case, I’m just a fan of porch sitting and hanging with people I know in the comfort of my own home and property. I like having a few cardboard boxes full of snacks and drinks next to me out on the lawn while I’m soaking up the sun. (Heck, something about using cardboard boxes as little crates is funny to me and it’s what I enjoy about such relaxed living.)

I just know heading somewhere for the holidays isn’t and hasn’t ever been my favorite way to enjoy time off. It takes up time to head somewhere and come back. It takes time and energy to plan out the trip. And it definitely takes time and effort just to think about being away from home. It’s almost like time speeds up when you’re on a trip somewhere, which ultimately affects your vacation time for the worse. But when you don’t have to go anywhere and you can just sit back and enjoy your time at home, well, that’s when time moves at its normal speed and you can truly enjoy your holiday.

I’m a big fan of staying home for any holiday, to be honest. While a lot of people like to travel south for the winter holidays to enjoy better weather, I’m content with bundling up inside and watching movies in the cold. It’s something about being home on vacation and holidays that is appealing to me much more than some elaborate trip somewhere else.

Now, do I enjoy traveling to other places? Heck yes. But sometimes holidays are best used and done when in the comfort of your own home and among company that you know quite well and would rather have a beer with than not having anyone to have a beer with when on a trip.


Author: Kelly Fernandez

Uniquely-equipped for licensing circus clowns in Los Angeles, CA. Spent college summers buying and selling puppets in Las Vegas, NV. Had moderate success supervising the production of toy soldiers on the black market.

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